VPS (Virtual Private Server)

With a VPS hosting plan at hand you gain root-level access to the server, which is empowering you to set up and fully manage your own private hosting environment. In addition, you are free to install any software application available and set it up in accordance with your specific requirements. It’s also worth mentioning that every VPS server is completely isolated from the other users, meaning that any glitches in their behavior represent absolutely no risk to its smooth performance. And that’s not all. In case you need administration assistance, you can always turn to our VPS weekly backup services.

  • ●  30 Days money back guarantee
  • ●  24/7 live support
  • ●  Option to choose any location from 4 data centers i.e. US, UK, Sweden and Australia
  • ●  Package starting from $18 per month
  • ●  Guaranteed response of trouble tickets in one hour