Custom Development Solutions

Clients' businesses are evolving and so are their requirements. It is often difficult to always find off-the-shelf solutions that fit well in a client's business environment. There is never a one-sizefits-all methodology when it comes to deploying IT solutions; each requirement is unique although some may draw from previously implemented solutions to gain more insight into industry exposure and best practices.

We provide solutions that are completely tailor-made for each business requirement.

Custom development solutions enable Engitech to undertake projects of any size while focusing on "The IT Value" element that will quickly show a greater Return-On-Investment on each implementation.

We use several technologies, infrastructure, programming languages while keeping a close eye into latest technologies and advising clients on the constant changes that happen in the technology space. The need for backward compatibility when implementing new projects and assessing the livelihood of existing applications into the future draws our consultants closer to clients in advising them on the best course of action that needs to be taken.

We make use of tools such as WebLogic, Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans and Oracle JDeveloper just to name a few for projects developments that target the clients' existing infrastructure; and programming languages such as C# and the entire .NET Framework, Java, C++, PHP, Mean Stack.

Engitech has access to an area of strategic partners and professional experts and provides consultants who are knowledgeable in delivering the most complex solutions to our clients' needs.