Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions

Corporate organizations rely on analytical data in order to make critical informed decisions that backup the direction taken by management. This entire process forms part of the Business Intelligence (BI) world which is a discipline that allows organizations to analyze existing data and all of an organization's capabilities and convert them into "powerful knowledge".

Business Intelligence & Data Management Solution Organizations rely on this powerful knowledge in order to identify new market opportunities, make critical business decisions, and or implement ideas required to substantiate an entire IT Strategy that will benefit the organization as a whole.

Engitech help achieve and supports our clients' initiatives by recommending the best Decision Support Systems (DSS) tools for the right budget that will help our clients performing a wide range of BI functions such as: online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, complex event, etc.

Engitech utilizes Microsoft and Oracle suite of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing products to enable companies to maneuver their data warehouses to facilitate enhanced decision making. Engitech provides cutting-edge Business Intelligence solutions and enables organizations to utilize their data in efficient manner and accessible to all the decision-makers. Salient areas of offering include the following:

  • ●  Reporting and Analytics (Cognos/Hyperion/Oracle BI/Microsoft BI)
  • ●  Scorecards and Dashboards (Cognos/Hyperion/Oracle BI/Microsoft BI)
  • ●  Data warehousing and Data Migration (Oracle/MS SQL Server)